Mobilize "Mission-Minded Families" in your home, church or small group!


Launch Mission-Minded Families in your local area. Gather friends. Watch the videos and talk about the Questions and Bible verses.

Then PRAY together about
 how each of your families can say "YES!" to Jesus, with PASSION for the Gospel and God's Great Commission.  


7 Simple Keys for 
Mission-Minded Families 

Facilitator Workbook
Student Workbook
(print as 8.5 x 5.5 booklet)

Intro - Handout

Overview of the 7 Keys.
(Promo Video: 1 min.)

Key #1 - Handout

See the Cross.
(Video #1: 22 min.)

Key #2 - Handout

See the Need.
(Video #2: 20 min.)

Key #3 - Handout

See the End.
(Video #3: 22 min.)


Key #4 - Handout

Aim your Arrows.
(Video #4: 23 min.)

Key #5 - Handout

Find your PASSION.
(Video #5: 22 min.)

Key #6 - Handout

Faith not Fear.
(Video #6: 23 min.)

Key #7 - Handout

Say "YES!" to Jesus
(Video #7: 18 min.)


Fill your Mission "Toolbox" 

+ With this FREE course, consider our favorite mission books and family resources!